Self Driving Cars - Future of Automation Industries

1. Self Driving Cars are the upcoming Future

2. Car Companies are working on LEVEL 4 Self Driving Cars

3. In 2014 , SAE (Society of Automative Engineers) Decided 6 Levels of Seld Driving Cars

Self dring cars are the future of automation industry and these self driving Cars are based on artificial intelligence. Many Cars companies like Google , Mercedes , Tesla , etc are working on the self driving Cars and making them better to drive on the roads. Self driving cars have self driving system in which you don't have to drive the car the automatic car system will manage the controls of the car like breaking, accelerating, overtaking the car and much more. Did you know that all the self driving Cars are not same there are six different different levels of self driving Cars. In 2014 SAE (Society of Automative Engineers) has decided different 6 levels of self driving Cars in which they decided that a self driving car can drive itself or it needs a driver or you can sit behind the car and do what you want to do and you don't need to control the car let'us discuss it in detail 6 levels of self driving Cars

You know Wifi Do you know LiFi ??

Hi Everyone here I m back with a new technology update. You heard every day about wifi technology, uses it every day on your mobile, use it to us the Internet, and many of us also know how it works and many do. here I m not gonna tell you about the wifi .. but here more interesting thing than wifi .. that is LiFi, it stands for Light Fidelity. In WiFi, we use Radio Waves to transfer one message from one place to another but in case of LiFi technology we use LED lights to transmit signals, and there are many advantages of LiFi over WiFi Technology we will discuss them Later in the post.

History Of LiFi

LiFi wad introduced by German physicist Harald Haas in 2011 TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Global Talk on Visible Light Communication (VLC). this technology transmits data through visible LED light. It is a very new technology and many research are also going on this theory and many scientists are working on it. Data will be transmitted in very high speed and which very much faster than wifi, Li-Fi provides better bandwidth, efficiency, connectivity, and security than Wi-Fi and has already achieved high speeds larger than 1 Gbps under the laboratory conditions. Li-Fi is the transfer of data through light by taking the fibre out of fibre optics and sending data through an LED light bulb. As it is very new technology and therefore it is not available or its ready products are not available in the markets. Before LiFi we use WiFi and still, we are using WiFi and its Radio Waves. Radio Waves are harmful to all creature but the light is not harmful to anyone.

Advantage Of LiFi Over WiFi

There are many advantages of LiFi over wifi technology I as I stated above but here I will mark them in points to understand it better: WiFi is radio waves and LiFi is light waves and light is much familiar. the speed of life is much greater than wifi life has high density than wifi Security of life is very hight than wifi, it is very difficult to hack life because it can be used only if the light source is available and nobody can interrupt the signal in between the way, but in case of wifi, anyone can access the wifi within the range. it is cheaper than wifi as it requires few components than wifi. LiFi Technology has a greater scope in the Future.